Community Outreach

Give…for the love of a child….

Once upon a time . . . there were two great organizations:

Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters and Children’s Hospital Colorado.

One organization, Children’s Hospital Colorado, was made up of wonderful people who care so much for children, they actually built a hospital to provide the best medical care for Colorado’s most vulnerable little people who desperately needed their expertise.

The other organization, Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters, was also made up of wonderful people! These people cared so much for these same little people that they actually worked at different companies, as insurance representatives and health insurance brokers, to make sure the little people’s parents had health insurance coverage just in case the little people needed to receive medical services from Children’s Hospital Colorado.

One day, Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters had a great idea! They decided to contact Children’s Hospital Colorado to see if they had a specific need that Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters could help them with. Children’s Hospital Colorado was delighted and said, “We need a new blood mobile unit so we can go to companies and events and collect blood donations. It is so important we keep our blood bank supplied. Also, it would be nice if we could encourageColorado State Association of Health Underwriters’ members to donate blood!”

So, both organizations fell in love with the idea and worked hand in hand, to donate blood and/or money for the littlest, most vulnerable people in Colorado and gave…for the love of a child!

Not the end of the story…but the beginning…here is how you can help!

Members of CSAHU donated $618 to Children's Hospital Colorado Blood Donor Center at Day at the Capitol!

We think we can do even better! Between now and Symposium, we challenge you to do one of the following:

  1. Donate blood at Children’s Hospital Colorado Blood Donor Center. The link below contains information on who can donate, where to go to donate, and how to schedule a donation. Let them know you are donating on behalf of CSAHU. We will announce at Symposium how many donations were made!

  2. Donate money. You can donate at Symposium or online by clicking on the link below. CSAHU will match up to $500 for contributions received between now and the day of Symposium.

Thank you in advance for your love and caring donations!

Linda Krueger

Your CSAHU Community Service Chair