CSAHU’s legislative efforts strive to educate officials on both the federal and state levels about the healthcare system and the vital role of the health insurance agent as a consumer resource and advocate. Through a network of key contacts, CSAHU cultivates relationships that allow members to clarify issues before bills are written and votes are taken. These relationships are strengthened through actions undertaken by the Health Underwriters Political Action Committee (HUPAC).


Certification programs, professional designation courses, online resources and conferences are just a few ways CSAHU helps members develop professionally as well as personally. Local chapters also host regular meetings where continuing education opportunities are provided.


Interacting with other insurance professionals may be the most beneficial aspect of CSAHU membership. Being able to reach out to other professionals, asking questions, meeting sales representatives and learning about products are all invaluable opportunities that membership provides. CSAHU also offers online networking resources that connect members across the country.

America's Benefit Specialist MAGAZINE

All CSAHU members receive a complimentary subscription to America's Benefit Specialist magazine. ABS is filled with valuable articles and information, including sales tips and best practice ideas.