Strategic Plan

CSAHU Strategic Plan


Promote the Value of the Broker

  1.     Call meeting to order:


  1.      Introductions:


  1.      Ice Breaker:


  1.     Board Responsibilities:


  1.     Goals/Objectives:

Value Statement

Mission Statement


Show the value of the producer

Who does what?

Discussion on new management system for CSAHU/chapters


  1.   Events:

Day at the Capitol – Speakers/Sponsors?

Symposium – Speakers/Sponsors?

Sponsors – Speed-dating – 5 minutes at table

Golf Outing

Ethics Course

NAHU Professional Courses


  1.           Communications to Chapters/Members:

More interconnected

Calendar to GA’s, on CSAHU Website for chapters/state/national

Newswires (2 x monthly) at minimum

“Go to” spokespersons when asked for a professional commentary

NAHU topics for Newswire communication

In February, 2017, Colorado had 3 media hits


  1.    Social Media:





Create hashtags for meetings


  1.    Membership Chair:

E-packet to new members

Welcome letter

Chapter meeting dates

Follow up with a phone call and personal invitation to next meeting

Monthly membership report – online through NAHU

Lapsed report to chapters – why did they not renew?

Invite someone to a meeting.  Ask for their help, then ask them to join


  1.  Legislative:

Send Newswires to members on updates

Develop and publish pieces for members to send to clients

Attend monthly legislative calls (first Wednesday of month 12-1 p.m.)

CapCon attendance

Free enterprise system for commissions

Day at the Capitol

Lobbyist presence

Operation Shout at State Level


  1.  PAC:



  1.  Awards Chair:



  1.         Community Service Chair:

Children’s Hospital Blood Bank

Children’s hospitals project


  1.   Vanguard Council:



  1.   Partnerships:

Connect for Health



Division of Insurance


Urgent care facilities

Chamber of Commerces

Society of Human Resources (SHRM)